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Question of the Day!

Sorry I was gone for the long weekend :)
Tuesday's question:

How many photo albums have you filled up so far?
how does this number compare to your other children, if you have others?

I just finished my 6th 200 page photo album. I have a bit of a problem with my obsessive picture taking. :) Jackson is my first child, and it shows. Haha!!
However, I am the second child in my family and there are practicly no pictures of me. I hope I dont fall into this same pattern and take practicly no pictures of my second child! :(

Happy Pumpkin season!!!!!
hope everyone is enjoying fall so far...its hot hot hot here in Michigan...which is not normal. 
we have been visiting the local pumpkin farms and taking part in all of the local Halloween festivities so far
this month!!

Fridays Question!

What holiday, celebration or tradition do you most look forward to sharing with your child?

Thursday's Question

What is the title of the last book you read to your child?

We read Elmo's Play Day :)

Okay ladies.. what works for you?

I feel like I cant take my child out of the house. Hes almost 13 months old. We cant go to any store without him throwing tantrums every 5 minuites. God forbid I make him sit in the cart he screams and reaches for me. Its really hard to carry him and push around a cart, but I manage just to stop the crying. Then after me holding him for 30 seconds he wants to get down and walk. Which would be fine because who cares how slow we move.. except then he runs all over the place and has to touch. everything. and pulls things off of shelves and then I just spend the whole time chasing him around and picking up after him and its just such a nightmare.
What am I doing wrong, or should I just stay at home and shop online until he's 3?
- baby wearing doesnt work, he wants OUT.
- I have one of those cart seats with toys on it, and he couldnt care less about that thing.
- having someone else come with us isnt always an option. but when my sister comes shopping he goes back and forth between the two of us. And Im a single mom so waiting until my non exsistant husband gets home to go run errands wouldnt work either.

Wednesday's question :)

This is a multi-parter!!

What is a typical night like in your house?
Do you have a strict bedtime routine?
How is your baby sleeping?

Jackson is a terrible sleeper. We dont have a real tight routine.. I know when he has been up for 5 ish hours that will be ready to sleep so we get in our PJs, get a bottle ready, go downstairs, put on the baby einstein lulaby cd and rock in our chair with a bottle. He goes to sleep. He almost always wakes up 45 min later. I pick him up, put the cd back on and we rock back to sleep. Sometimes he's up every single hour all night long. More often though he'll gradually sleep longer and sleep 2 hours and get up, and then sleep 3 hours and get up.. Its pretty bad. Some nights I wish I could leave him to CIO but I know I cant do that to him. I never in a million years thought I would be getting up this much with a 13 month old. Its just crazy. Im working on night weaning him. We were doing pretty well until he got a bad cold and totally thrown us off track. He only gets water when he wakes up at night but so far he still thinks its worth waking up for. Ugh.
So whats your idea of a good nights sleep? :)

Theme week entry...

since i have no idea of how to post pics in a comment...i decided to make a post....here are the pictures from Marley's 1st birthday party on september 21st :)


Okay here we go!

Question of the day!

What is currently your child's favorite toy?

Jackson's favorite toy is this little activity table with sesame street characters on it. It sings and moves and he loves it because he stands to play with it. No more sitting down for him :)

Hello out there!

Would anyone like to join me in reviving this community?
Im really sad that all of our babies are growing up and going through such exciting periods of milestones and fun experiences and none of us are sharing or opening up to each other.
I would like to propose some sort of daily question where we can all get involved and share things about our kids (like "Whats your child's current favorite food" or "How is your child sleeping?") And weekly picture posts (Maybe themes?)
Im going away for the weekend, so Ill start Monday morning!
If anyone wants to suggest some questions or themes that would be great :)

Samuel is 1

How did that happen? They always seem to grow too fast. He is walking, running, and into everything. He loves solid food, as long as we let him feed himself. He still nurse several times a day.

He tells us when he is done eating-"done, get out". Unfortunately, one of his other first phrases was "shut up". Gotta love the older siblings influence on the younger ones. He doesn't say a lot of words, but seems to understand what we are saying.

We got Sam his first hair cut last week. It's time when people start saying what a cute little girl you have. Now if my oldest daughter (17) could remember where she put the digital camera, I could take and post pictures.


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