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Anyone Potty Training?

Hi Ladies-

We're all around our 21st month with our little ones. Anyone thinking of starting potty training? My daughter has been tugging at her diaper and has mentioned before she goes #2. We got a potty seat for her and she knows how to flush the toilet and will wipe her "no no". She's even gone pee pee a couple of times in the potty, but I'm not really forcing her at this stage.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this milestone?

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oh mommies...
i have to go someone tomorrow with Damien
and I dont have a vehicle; i do not have ANY cash to get a taxi
and theres like lots of snow on the ground
how will i transport my 18month old to where i need to go!?

bus could work, however gettinghim to and from the bus stop. and then when we're off the bus.



Baby post

Please respond to this post with the following information to be included in the group chart of Sept 06 babies:

Child's name:
Child's birthdate:

Depending on the size of the chart, it will either go on the userinfo page in its entirety or in a link. At the moment, the chart is on the community user info page.

A year and some-odd days later another Mod post

I'm sorry for the delay in this. I'm on LJ with a new name and this community now has a new holiday layout. Also, I'm cleaning up around here--removing superfluous tags and such. There are some things I'd like to note:

-- I'd like to have an icon for the community, if at all possible. If anyone wants to make one up, that would be great. :)
-- The e-mail address for contacting the moderators has changed. It is now september2006mods@gmail.com .
-- From my last post, I remember people wanting to have a chart available of the birthdates of all our Sept 06 babies. I will be making a separate post about this in just a moment--I promise this time!

Happy holidays to those that celebrate!
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Sam is such an independant toddler. He loves to run, climb, push trucks, and explore everything. His favorite thing to do currently is to take all the pans and bowls out of the kitchen cabinets and play with them. I just rewash them before I use them. He loves to hide in the cabinet under the sink and poke his head out to play peak a boo. Now that my oldest daughter found her digital camera, I should post some pictures.

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Had to post these!!! I took Marley to WalMart and got her pics taken, i got them back today!!!

they turned out sooo cute! she is so happy to dress up like a little lion!.
Hope everyone is having a great Halloween season, i am soooo looking foward to all the exciting holidays this year!!!